Game and application localization studio

We work for companies with AAA projects, indie games, IT startups, and application developers.
We adapt your product to new markets and help the audience fall in love with it among thousands of competitors. Professionalism, reliability, quality, and craftiness are the standards of the Madcat localization studio.

Why us

You will hardly find open-minded localizers better than us. Our approach saves the customer’s time and effort (almost 10 years in the development of games and applications, after all), and provides the highest result at the output: we’ve got vaccinated for the canonical dev-fears inside our studio — for bosses pressure, for obedience to please the opinions and for managers’ righteous mess…
And the main thing — we can think like a satisfied user.

Localization and game’s voice acting

The maximum naturalness of the project — the translation will be made by native speakers, preserving the integrity of ideas and choosing the correct behavioral tone.
Localization adapted for the target audience — your product will communicate with users in a familiar language or even slang when necessary.
Intonation reading for your actors or the final voice acting — you won’t have any real competition, even within the PEGI.

About Us

Madcat is a content localization studio made up of industry fans. Our team is more than ambitious and has experience in the production of mobile games and applications for Russia, the USA, Israel, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.
We got through the dogs and the quicksand of game dev, finding our vocation and a development niche at the same time – and there’s no one better than us.


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Coming soon

Interesting articles will appear here in the near future…